Congratulations Dr Hajonides!

Warmest Congratulations to Jasper Hajonides van der Meulen for successfully defending his DPhil thesis on “Prioritising feature representations in visual working memory”. Best wishes for your future endeavours!

Congratulations Dr Printzlau!

Our heartiest congratulations to Frida Printzlau on successfully defending her DPhil thesis titled How is information in working memory selected and prioritised for action? and examined by Professor Nick Yeung and Professor Anastasia Kiyonaga. We wish Frida every success in the next stage of her career!

VSS 2021 Student Travel Awards

Congratulations to Andrea Bocincova for winning the Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award for the virtual VSS 2021 meeting!

Congratulations on the arrival of baby Tiago!

Congratulations to Paul and Abril on the safe arrival of baby Tiago on 18th November. Best wishes from the whole lab!

Nicholas awarded University Research Lectureship

Congratulations to Nicholas Myers on being awarded the title of University Research Lecturer! The title is given in recognition of his substantial contribution to research, teaching, administration and service to the academic community.

Congratulations Sam!

Congratulations to our newest doctor: Sam Hall-McMaster! Sam successfully defended his thesis, Neural mechanisms of reward-guided behavioural flexibility, examined by Prof. Roshan Cools and Prof. Matthew Rushworth. He will continue his career journey as postdoc at the Schuck Lab, part of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany.

Hugest Congratulation on your achievement!

Welcome Mateus

Mateus Silvestrin, from the Federal University of ABC (UFABC), will join us as PhD Visitor Student. Welcome to our lab!

Viva Dante!

Congratulations to Dante for passing his doctoral viva voce examination on Monday, 9th December 2019, with Professor David Freedman (external) and Professor David Dupret (internal) as examiners. Dante’s thesis used electrophysiological recordings from non human primate to investigate the emergent properties of neural networks during working memory and decision making tasks.

And warmest congratulations on the birth of his adorable baby girl, Gala Isabel!

Darinka's thesis award

Congratulations to Darinka Trübutschek, who has won the prix solennels de la Chancellerie des universités de Paris 2019 in the category of Life Sciences, for her doctoral research on the neurocognitive architecture of non-conscious working memory. Well Done!

Goodbye and Good Luck Wen!

Goodbye and Good Luck for the future to our Wen Wen, who has spent one year with the lab as Visitor PhD Student. Wen is now completing her doctoral programme at the Peking University, in Beijing. 再见, we will miss you!

Celebrating a new arrival

Warmest congratulations to Darinka on the arrival of her sweet baby boy, Ilia Sébastien!

Welcome Andrea!

Andrea Bocincova will join our lab as post-doc. Welcome on board!

Congratulation to Jake

Congratulations go to Jake Stroud on being awarded the Wellcome Trust Fellowship, well done!

Our warmest welcome to Emmeline

Our warmest welcome to Emmeline! Congratulation MaryAnn Noonan on your beautiful baby girl!

Congratulations to Michał

Congratulations to Michał Wójcik, who has been awarded the Clarendon Fund Scholarship in partnership with the Saven European Scholarship!

Congratulations to Lev!

Dr Tankelevitch successfully passed his doctoral viva voce examination, congratulations!